Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Touch-Ups


One thing I almost always do during the Summer is cut off my hair. I live in Texas. Texas is hot, humid and sticky on good days. I love gardening and my family spends lots and lots of time outside. I don't like having my hair stick to my neck and I don't want to have my hair pulled up in a ponytail for 6 months of the year.

My question is...what hairstyle would look good on me? I love what my hairstylist, Jeannie at Techniques, did. Not only did she find a stylish bob that flattered my face, but she also did multiple highlights, to brighten and shine up my do.

So, do hate the heat of your hair? Would you look good with short hair? and what short hairstyle would look good on you?

Well, I went to the Diva of Beauty Tips, Bionic Beauty, and she had a super article on short do's for you. Take a look below and check out the before and after make-up. Also, head on over to Bionic Beauty for more helpful beauty tips, or come back next week and see what's up here....

Thinking of going short for summer?

by Bionic Beauty on June 6, 2009 ·

Warmer weather hits and women start thinking of going shorter (with their hair, that is- no crazy “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” stuff here!).

Here’s a handy “guide” from Total Beauty that weighs the pros and cons of short hairstyles. And if you’re waffling, I say DO IT! It’s only hair. It will grow back. Be adventurous; you only live once. Plus if you’ve got the Powerful Beauty attitude, that’s what really matters!

Do you have short hair? And have you ever had one of those OH NO haircuts that you totally want to bleach from your memory?

Is a Short Hairstyle Right for You?

It might be if you have delicate features like TotalBeauty.com reader Elie, see how we transformed her style.

Our makeover dream team gives TotalBeauty.com reader Elie a chic, gamine haircut and a sultry makeup look to boot. See how to make this easy-to-style short hairstyle and sexy makeup look work for you.

See the makeover…

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