Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Back...

I am so grateful for the great big Web. If I had not posted the fact that my internet was down, than I would never have gotten the wonderful email from Tina @ Suddenlink.com. She was so helpful and call out a Suddenlink.com technician right away to help get our internet and phone lines working once again.

Though they were not able to get here during the two hour time period they had told me, they did show up later today and fixed the problem pretty quickly.

I am so, so lost without my internet. I feel like I am missing a child when I can't get on here.

I am going to try and get a little caught up and hopefully it will bring together a very large list of awesome Father's Day Giveaways for you all to start signing up for.

I know I would love to win something totally cool and unexpected for my hubbie!



Christina said...

I hate when my internet goes down. I finally got a wireless broadband card from my cell provider

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

This is Tina from Suddenlink. I am glad your service back up and running. Thank you for being a Suddenlink customer!