Thursday, June 4, 2009

Theological Thursdays


Adonai & Elohim

So last week we talked about the character of God in the name YHWH/Yahweh/Jehovah and we ended with the a lead into Adonai.

As I discussed previously, that the intent of this study that I am working through, is to get to know the characteristics of our personal God. I love this idea. How awesome that our God, who created us, walked in the form as Son of Man and died for us, would allow us to get to know who He is through His Namesakes and character.

I know as a human being, who feels insecure at times, that I am not always ready to give up all information about myself to just anyone. But God offers this revelations to everyone. Not just a few very dedicated people. Not just through Priests, as in the Old Testament, but a deep and personal relationship to every person on this Earth. That is something I cannot even grasp. I, as a sinner, am selfish. Sometimes I just withhold parts of myself from others, because of that selfishness, but God, who has every right, the greatest right, does not.

So onto the point of today's personal lesson: Adonai.

The first interesting information I learned was this: Adonai or Elohim are plural "Hebrew" nouns. Basically if you breakdown the meaning of the two words you get "Lord" from Adonai and Elohim which is the expression of the divinity of "God". These being "Two" parts of of God's character. I believe as do many other Christians that this was a foundation for the belief in the Trinity.

To early Phoenicians (I had to look up the meaning of this, because I was totally clueless. It describes the writers of the Greek, Roman and all other Western Alphabets) the word "Adon" being singular, was used to describe the pagan god Adonis. The word "Eloah" (being feminine, which was interesting to me) refers to the pagan idea of multiple gods.

In the present day when Adonai is used, and I did not know it was plural until now, as a singular form referring to God. Adonai as a singular in the present day is thought to be translated as all majestic and that our God contains all the attributes of every god that the pagans had.

Adonai, by itself has been translated to "Lord" or "my Lord", it can be found using the character of Adonai, 439 times in the Bible. There is not tons of information on this name of God, but it is clear to me that this is an important recognition of who God really is to us.

I have heard many, many songs with the title Adonai. In each of those songs, Adonai is used singularly but it definitely gets the message accross that God is Master, Creator, Owner and Sovereign Ruler.

To me Adonai has always been a tender description of God. He is the Master of the Earth and Sky, He is Creator and Ruler over the heavens and earth, the Lord of Hosts, worthy of ALL praise, none are comparable to Him, "Father of my hope", "Maker of each moment", "Freedom", the Miracle Maker, Majesty...The I AM.

I have learned that as the Adonai in my life, He is all powerful, He is ALL things, ALL ideals and Majesties are contained within Him. He IS the Trinity, three in one. There is no limit to Adonai, how comforting that truth is to me.

As always, I would love to know your thoughts about todays Theological Thursday and if you know other songs you would like to add, please send them to me and I'll put them on here as well.

Enjoy this week and get ready for next week's characteristic of God....I AM.

Here are some links of old and new versions of the song "Adonai".

"Adonai" by Petra

"Praise Adonai", by Paul Baroche

"Adonai", by Hillsong

the version I am most familiar with is this:

"Adonai", 1Hope

Verse using Adonai:

Adonai= "Lord", Exodus 4:10-12

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