Friday, June 12, 2009

Frugal Fridays


Well, Frugal is not in it's name, but TARGET is!!!!!

I am a major Target Shopping fan. I love Target, I love making a "if I only had the money" list as I walk through each and every isle. Their clothes are cute, their furniture is cute, even the little tiny baby stuff (no, I don't have babies anymore, but I love to look anyhow) is totally cute.

Well, if you are like me, and you love Target, the frugal blog of the week is just for you:

Attention Target Shoppers

Ginger has awesome tips and listings for: Friday Freebies, Weekly Clearance Information, Weekly Deal Updates, Coupon Match-Ups and so much more.

I couldn't find my favorite page today when I checked the blog, but it is somewhere. It
was a page that informed us of which days of the week Target had each section of the store on clearance. This way, if you were looking for a great deal on comforters, like I am right now, you would know the day of the week that they were going on sale.

I think everyone should check this blog out. One other bonus, is signing up for the Alert Me Nows. This will give you a heads up when specific items like the WII or something you usually have to order because they are never in stores, are actually going to be in the store.

Happy Target Shopping to all!!!


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Night Owl Mama said...

Wow I will definitely check it out thanks for the tips