Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Touch-Up Tuesdays


This week I wanted to find some tips for looking good this Summer. I am not a person that wears much make-up and I really don't like to lie out in the sun for hours, so I need some help to add color and brightness to look my Summer best.

I hope that you enjoy the following article and find some tips that help you feel bright and cheerful this up and coming Summer. It's almost here.....

Snazzy summer make-up tips

Here’s what beauty experts have to say about looking your summery best! Check out on these utterly do-able make-up tips and glow like a sun goddess!
Some summer make-up tips to make you look good
•If you prefer to be a natural beauty, body shimmer lotion on bare skin leaves you looking sun-kissed and irresistible.
•Colors such as bronze, gold, golden-green or mango green for eyes can be used along with black or brown mascara. Eye shadows in lighter, neutral shades are perfect for the summer. If it's really hot and you don't want to take the effort of applying a full make-up, a touch of mascara and a little eye liner will brighten up the eye and bring life to your face. For a lighter, more summery appearance, swap your black mascara for one that is either brown-black or brown. To complete your look, remember to have your eyebrows professionally shaped!
•Brown it up! The foundation that matched your skin perfectly during winter may not look so good on you in the summer sun. If your face is now a deeper shade of brown, switch to a foundation one or two shades darker than your regular foundation and make sure it complements your undertones.
•Conceal it! Don't let dark circles, dark spots and other blemishes spoil your perfect face. A good concealer will help you hide all the boo-boos and brighten up your face. Always remember to choose a concealer the same shade or one shade lighter than your foundation. You can apply it to your problem spots before you put on foundation.
•You can use a foundation with the shade of your tanned skin to cover the area under your eyes and blend it well with the rest of the face. Then use nude or light brown eye shadow to give them a natural look.
•Day or night, finish your look with a touch of bronzing powder across your cheekbones and chin. This gives you a beautiful suntan.
•Sunglasses protect your eyes but they do not stop the sun from tanning the rest of your face! To avoid this, generously rub sunscreen with a broad spectrum over your entire face and body every two hours.
•Wear natural nude shades as lip colors while going out. Warm, sunny, bright blush can be used and to give lusciousness to your lips give creamy textures and glossy shades of bronzes, corals and pale pinks.
•Rich deep conditioning of your hair will help to tame your hair and don't forget to protect them from sun, sand and wind by wearing a trendy summer hat or a scarf.
The must-haves this summer
•The first and the foremost - Sunscreen. Always use some SPF protection before heading out into the scorching heat of summer
•Tinted moisturizer or an extremely light foundation- This can be applied with a foundation brush.
•A really good bronzer- Make sure to use a big bronzing brush and apply the powder to your cheeks, nose, temples and jaw line, all the places where the sun would naturally tan you.
•Sheer, creamy blushes in beautiful, rich shades- Apply with your fingertips to allow the product to blend into your skin.
And for those of you on a budget constraint and don’t want to miss out on the latest trends, here are some tricks that won’t wash off your bank accounts!

1.Try using your bronzer as your blush and eye lid shade. Blush papers can also double as "lip papers." After pressing a sheet against your cheek, press it against your lip for an extra touch of color.
2.Turn your mascara into a lining tool. If you apply your mascara towards your lash line, it will give the illusion of a more defined eye.

3.Use your finger to apply lipstick. In the summer this is a great trick because not only will it give you a sheer, natural lip, it will also minimise the amount of product that you may waste when using a lip brush!
So just jazz it all up for that perfect chic look this summer by using the right make-up and get ready to groove!

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