Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sorry for leaving you all hanging.....

I have not been very good about updating giveaway lists, but it is for a very good reason.

I have been with my younger sister taking care of our father, and had brought him home with Hospice this past Sunday. He passed away this past Wednesday.

I have found that throughout this whole ordeal, I have been truly blessed. I have learned that I must rely on Jesus each and everyday. That prayer comes before everything. It is awesome to see how God's plan is bigger than our own, and that it is in place way before we could ever see it in action.

His plan is perfect, in every way! He provides everything we need and gives it to us whenever we call out for it and/or He sees that we are burdened and weary.

The people He provides may not be the people we expect. I have a whole new respect for Nurses. Every one of the nurses I dealt with, were kind and caring to our family. Whether in taking care of my father or just in their loving on us (children).

I have much more compassion for the elderly. Watching my father slowly die, and how alone he felt even with us there, I feel called to help those who do not have a family to help care for them. My sister, my Father's friend Renata, my mother and myself stayed at the hospital endlessly (but quite willingly and happily). I am grateful for every moment I was able to serve and honor my father. Many elderly do not have a single person to speak up for them and make sure they were clean or fed or not alone.

My father had the luxury (if there any) of having his family stand up for him and make sure he was getting the best treatment.

At the end, I was both grateful but also extremely upset, by being with my little sister and my Dad, for his last breaths. He did not have to die alone.

Jesus worked through every minute of this trial. I feel that through death brought a new life, to me. I am closer to God, closer to my own family and respect life more.

I am already having sister withdrawals. We have spent almost everyday together over the last 4-1/2 weeks. Some of the best and worst weeks of my life.

But, neverless, I have grown spiritually, which is one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive....

If you have experienced anything like this, please leave a comment. I have enjoyed hearing from my family and friends, the experiences they have had. They strengthen me through these times of awesome grief.

The Giveaway Princess,

Sarah Barnes

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