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Simple Facts Everyone Should Know About Freebies, Giveaways and Internet Lotteries, Sweepstakes
By Yan Lii

So you have stumbled upon another free offer site, another internet lottery, another "Submit your e-mail and win a private jet" site. Surely, it's another scam - you think, and quickly close the webpage.

But is it really a scam and why are there so many of these offers flying around? What is the deal with freebies and how do they work? Take a deep breath and prepare for the truth that will be revealed to you in seconds.

The fact is, most freebies are not scams. And another truth is, you get them for free*. What it means is that while it is technically free, you have to invest something, usually time or giving away your personal information (email, mobile phone, address, etc..). Let's analyse how freebie sites work, shall we. First of all, the companies who run freebie sites make money of advertisements and other companies who pay them in order to promote their products on freebie sites. It's called affiliate marketing and it is all around the internet, if you haven't yet noticed. The thing is usually before you actually get the freebie, you have to complete a certain survey, sign up for a free trial (usually more than one though) or simply give up your info. Companies later use this info to build a mailing list and send you product offers. The thing is, technically this really is free but you have to pay with something else, usually, your time. The free trials you have to offer ask for a credit card and you should not be that alarmed. Just read the rules carefully and write down the date when you joined for the trial. After you get your freebie - just cancel the trial in order not to get billed.

This is crucial as many people either don't complete all trial offers and never receive the freebie or simply forget they have completed some and get their credit card charged. The companies rely on this to make money, but this is not really scamming, because people who complete the offers to get the freebie, usually indeed receive it.

Internet Lotteries

This is actually quite easy. The companies offering to win a car or a laptop also make money similarly as freebie sites. Only the difference is they do a lottery and send out only one gift to one of many, many participants, but freebie sites will send out the freebie to anyone who did all the offers, requirements for it. That is why lottery usually request only your email or answering quickly to some survey. The money they pay for the giveaway car is really nothing compared to what they earn off sponsors.


Freebies and lotteries do work if you just follow the rules of each freebie and lottery and do everything carefully. You should still be weary of scams, but just don't think that every site out there which offers some kind of a "free" gift is out there to rob you, scam you and steal your organs.

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