Wednesday, January 7, 2009

DK Mommy Rate Mate Giveaway

“Razor Mate” Magnetic Blade Saver Giveaway

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At first I was skeptical - a little box you set on your bathroom counter that sharpens your razor blade with magnets. But after reading the concept about how a blade’s edge actually contorts after use, and how the magnets simply pull it back into place keeping the blade sharp, it started sounding logical. But too good to be true? I wanted it to work, after all. I hate paying $20 for a pack of razors, using them a few times, then tossing them in the trash. It makes me feel so wasteful and very “ungreen”. So I gave the Razor Mate a go, and I’m so glad I did.

I’m surprised at how well the Razor Mate works. I gave this item a good long test run because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t all in my mind. When the unit arrived I had a nice dull blade ready for testing, and I simply set my razor on the little box for a day or two until I was ready to use it. First time using it, I actually nicked myself, something I usually only do when I’m too forceful on a new blade. I was left with skin that felt just like it had been shaved with a brand new razor! I’ve been keeping my razor on the Razor Mate for over about a month now, shaving every few days, and it still works the same as day one. I am, in a word, amazed.

For those of us trying to cut down on garbage, consumption, and wastefulness, for those of us trying to save a few bucks, and for those of us with a love of recycling, the Razor Mate is well worth the $20. That’s the cost of a box of blades as it is. The people at Razor Mate say a blade can last up to 20 times longer, and I believe them. I’m really glad they want to give one away to one of you because it gives us all a chance to learn a little more about them. One thing to note: Razor Mate is NOT the Save A Blade you see on TV commercials. In fact, the two products work entirely different from one another. While Save A Blade actually runs sharpeners across the blades, Razor Mate doesn’t touch the blades but instead depends on the magnets to pull it back into shape. (See this FOX News story on how the Save A Blade actually damaged the test blades.) So make sure not to mix the two up - there’s a big difference!

Ready to try one for yourself?

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angelacisco said...

I like the fact that the Razor Mate will extend the life of a disposable blade from a consumer average of 3 weeks to up to 16 weeks. We go through a lot of razors and this would save me lots of money.
angelacisco at